Change is always inevitable and its processes are always surprising and inconceivable. The need for change calls not for sacrifices but for higher calling of love, ideals and organization’s well being.


The ARBEX planning session is finally a reality. Originally considered as unachievable due to various constraints ranging from trivial to major considerations, the members banded together to achieve a common goal – to become the catalyst of change and offer long-term solutions to the lingering problems facing the Department in general, and the examiners in particular.


Over the years, the DRB examiners are besieged by major problems both inside and on field assignments. We are also subjected to numerous complaints – some real but mostly imagined and speculations. The ARBEX executive board realizing the need to confront these issues squarely decided to hold this conference. Chairman Vic Berrey amply supported by his officers and inspired by the avalanche of feedbacks from his members left no stone unturned in ensuring the success of this program.


We are deeply saddened that one of its major proponents, immediate past Chairman Joy Lorico won’t be with us in this momentous occasion. Her unfortunate accident in Malaysia deterred her from delivering her piece. We viewed this, however, as a blessing in disguise as her absence might propel us to pursue her cause more vigorously and with greater aplomb.


The ARBEX Express viewed this undertaking as the needed shot in the arm. A defining moment in our organization’s life – it is our legacy for the generations to come. An impetus to promote excellence and integrity in our workplace – it is our contribution to fortify everyone’s resolve to triumph over the complexities and frailties of human nature.


The Editorial Board shares the whole DRB community’s prayer of success to the session. We wish the participants’ good luck in pursuing the program’s goals, interspersed with pleasure.  We hoped to see the break we’re all longing for – a professional DRB community and non-judgmental BSP environment.