The positive response generated by the planning session typifies our members’ resolve to finally put all issues affecting us to its eventual conclusion. A long-term solution to the lingering problems and a more active, involve and productive BSP member. Thanks to your cooperation.


                                                                                                - Vic Berrey - 


            To all my colleagues, ARBEX members, Hi, from Malaysia. Well, ang masasabi ko lang sana may active participation tayong lahat sa Monday event. At saka sana if your concerned about your image, about the image of DRB and you know you can do something to improve it, sana magparticipate kayong lahat.


-         Joy Lorico


            October 7 is an event for ARBEX members to work together as one big family. Let’s join hands to find solution to our problems. Nothing is impossible if we join hands to work for it.                                                       


-         Joy Lorico



The size does not matter as long as you know how to wield your sword.


-         Noel Gavino