Letter to the Editor


Here we go again. Some unnamed rural bankers whispered to someone about the alleged unscrupulous acts of some unidentified examiners.

This issue keeps on pestering the examiners, the management and the department as a whole since time immemorial. However this time, it was elevated to a much higher ground: these unsubstantiated allegations – we say hearsay – were brought up during the annual corplan of BSP, putting the department and its personnel in a bad light.

The ARBEX has been reiterating its stand regarding this matter in the previous issues of the ARBEX Express that management must not entertain such anonymous complaints and baseless accusations. However, if management, in deference to CSC order of looking into any complaint - even by an anonymous complainant – should act on the issue, it should conduct proper investigation, let the accused face his/her accuser, let the pieces of evidence, if there are any, prove that the accused is guilty, and let the axe fall on his/her neck. This way, the cloud of doubt on the innocent examiners would dissipate. This would also eliminate the rotten apple. More importantly, this would show that management is serious in its effort of purging the department of the imagined rubbish – yet never been proven – that always gets into everyone’s nerves.

						Concerned Examiner