BSP marks 9th year, tops MBC survey

Perhaps the best thing that ever happened to the financial community was the change of name from CBP to BSP.

          Ever since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas was renamed, it has not stopped topping the semi-annual surveys of the powerful Makati Business Club (MBC). It is a testament to the effectiveness of financial policies, competitive exchange rate, stable fiscal position and unassailable integrity of its officials and employees.

          This year the BSP celebrates its 9th anniversary in a simple ceremony downplaying the recognitions it has accumulated here and abroad. For the 9th time, it was again named as top government agency very recently. Not only that, our Governor, Rafael B. Buenaventura, received the first Asian Central Banker of the Year Award bestowed by the prestigious Financial Times of London.

          Our status as a top and independent government agency canít be achieved without the hard work and professional conduct of its officers and employees. The unsung heroes of monetary and banking stability, we are the paddle of BSPís unsinkable ship, the backbone of the agile and firm financial infrastructure.

          As we savor the taste of success, let us share BSPís commitment of support to the financial community as we usher in a more changing and challenging economic environment especially at the onset of next yearís implementation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

          Integrity, excellence and patriotism Ė BSPís guiding principles, personnel guiding virtues, the nationís guiding light. Take a vow BSPers.