Association of 
Rural Bank Examiners

From the Chairman's Desk

by Vic Berrey

Hey, guys! ARBEX Express is in a new format. Kudos of course belongs to the unselfish efforts of the members of its editorial board. ARBEX Express is a publication of the Association of Rural Bank Examiners, Inc. (ARBEX). So as to avoid confusion, let it be cleared that Joy Lorico is chairman to the editorial board, while yours truly is to ARBEX executive board, and Atty. Manny Seguerra to DRB Credit Cooperative board of directors.

Looking back, with due respect to the members who toiled during its struggling years, it can be said that the formation of the cooperative was due to the pioneering efforts way back in 1987 of ARBEX founders, then led by Atty.Dan Calderon (currently a Regional Trial Court Judge in Cagayan de Oro City). Its primary purpose is to cater to the financial needs of DRB personnel thru self-help. So you see, noon pa we had been practicing Microfinance the cooperative way.

The formation of ARBEX, DRB Credit Cooperative and ARBEX Express serves as the tripod of cooperation and commitment toward the upliftment of the members’ dignity. With these evolutionary experiences, the association as in the past is moving forward as an instrument in overcoming various challenges in the supervision and examination of rural banks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues at ARBEX for their confidence in choosing me as this year’s chairman. I was elected in absentia. As chairman, with the support of the executive board, I am tasked to lead in carrying out the various objectives of the association, foremost among which are:

	 i.  The promotion of camaraderie, goodwill and understanding among rural
	     bank examiners and within the Supervision and Examination Sector.

	ii.  The enhancement of the well-being and dignity of the members
	     and improvement of their professional status.

Toward the realization of these goals, and to further enhance the relevance of the association in the light of current developments, ARBEX is slated to conduct a strategic planning session tentatively scheduled on September 27, 2002 at the Century Park Hotel. All members are invited to attend and share their views/ideas. To those who are not yet in, membership is open to all DRB examiners with the ranks of Bank Officer I to Manager II, subject to the recommendation of the membership committee and approval by majority vote of the ARBEX executive board.

True to its objectives, ARBEX serves as an effective medium of understanding in the department in particular, and in BSP in general. My thanks to our officers for their continued support to and recognition of the association.

Recent developments however, tend to indicate that our field men are at the wrong end of the pole with the distasteful insinuations being attributed to them. To this, I vehemently disagree. Just like in any other institutions, ours is not one that is without imperfections or controversies no matter how best we try. That is a fact of life. However, it is unwise for us to pass judgment on others without trial, or feast on the misgivings of our fellowmen. Instead, let us appreciate the positive character present in the whole lot.

Out of tons of earth debris after a series of processes, gold is appreciated on the basis of its fineness, and not by that small part of impurity. As in gold, it is only fair that we must endeavor to appreciate and give due respect on the majority of our elements that are valuable. After all, aren’t we more precious than gold?

In a Eucharistic celebration I attended with my family last June 16 (Fathers’ Day), a particular utterance in prayer by the Priest struck me. It went something like this: “Lord, look not into our sins but in the faith of your church.” Deeply meaningful isn’t it?