Association of 
Rural Bank Examiners

	..... That the purposes for which ARBEX is formed are:

	1.  Promote camaraderie, goodwill and understanding among rural bank
	    examiners and within the Supervision and Examination Sector;

	2.  Enhance the well-being and dignity of the members and improve
	    their professional status;

	3.  Spearhead development programs to enhance the values, standard
	    and level of competence of the members;

	4.  Represent the members in dealings with the top management on
	    matters which are of general concern to all the members;

	5.  Assist, cooperate and coordinate with other departments of the
	    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on programs and/or undertaking that
	    would redound to the benefit and welfare of the members in 
	    particular and the employees of Bangko Sentral in general; and

	6.  Undertake activities directed towards the active support of good
	    government and its programs for nation-building.

	Excerpts of Articles of Association of  Association of Rural Bank Examiners